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original_445345_dudvxlqnd_h_ewtcga7oyzvx0“The Angel, the Torch, and the Half Moon Man” appears in Five on the Fifth‘s February 2017 issue.

“In recovery and rehab, I met a man who called himself the Human Torch. He’d been welding together the bulkheads of a ship when his oxy-acetylene torch exploded in his face. An incompetent coworker had replaced part of the acetylene line he was using with copper tubing, and the company’s safety inspector hadn’t noticed. Copper reacts with acetylene, he told me. The product is an explosive salt. That was the simple chemistry of his particular disaster.

We watched a lot of TV together. Every morning at 11 AM there were reruns of Northern Exposure. I loved that show. I especially loved the intro, the part with the moose. It was just a calf, ugly and ungainly, but cute somehow, you know? It was the spirit of that place. It wandered the empty streets before anyone woke up.

“That moose,” said the Torch. “He goes anywhere he wants. If he were a pretty little deer, doing that? There’d be trouble.”


NYCMidnight has announced the winners of their 2016 international Flash Fiction Challenge. This four-round competition challenges writers to produce 1000-word stories written around genre, location, and object prompts in less than 48 hours.
I placed 5th overall out of an original field of 2100 writers.

dorothy-galeThe Further Adventures of Dorothy Gale” appears in The Molotov Cocktail’s print Prize Winners Anthology Volume 2.

“Her lunch basket swung in her hand as she walked. She was proud of the basket; she’d made it herself. It was a thing she’d brought into the world, all by herself. Well, Mrs. Carter had shown her how to make the God’s eye, the diamond weave where the handle meets the bowl. She stopped to look at it again, and noticed that the glow on her fingertip had faded completely.

God’s eye, she thought, that’s what they showed me how to do, up there. Only now I can see how people’s faces here wrinkle, I can see the hollow gray in their eyes. I can hear their flat words and tik-tok thoughts. I can see the blistered paint. I can see how the sky scrapes the earth now. I can see how the day darkens after the sun comes up.”

tana-012608-12 “Tromba” traces the gradual assimilation of a Westerner living in a Malagasy village. It was published in Agnes and True‘s September 2016 issue.

I learned that kibo means belly, so a kibokibo is a joke. Velona is to live, to be alive. Mamy fo velona (‘sweet heart living’) means to be centered only on one’s self; to care only for one’s own life. Ahy means me. It also means mine. As a verb, it means ‘to be a cause for worry’.”


“The First Seven Deaths of Mildred Orly” is the story of a girl with a wild talent and a lethal case of body dysphoria. It appears in Murder & Mayhem Short Stories, a hardcover print anthology from Flame Tree Publishing. Order it on Amazon.
“I was Mildred Orly, and I was a normal human being until I turned thirteen.”


“The Blades” is about the escalating impact of a wind turbine on a rural community and a subtle shift of balance between predator and prey. It was one of the first stories I ever submitted anywhere, and it will be published by KZine, a British Kindle-based genre magazine in issue #18.
“You run from a bad dog, it’ll chase you.”

Those Two Impostors

“I hate hearing you talk like this. I like it when you win. You know why? Because you don’t talk afterwards. You’re just right there, in the moment. You just are. You’re beautiful when you win.”

Accepted 12/17/15 by Dialogual; appeared in their May 2016 issue.


The Night the Moon Never Rose

“Don’t look. Because if you look into that light you’ll know what she knows. Human beings can’t live if they know those things.”

Accepted 12/17/15 by E&GJ Creative Arts Foundation; forthcoming in Spark: A Creative Anthology, Volume X (print) and also in Zetetic Record (online 12/18/15).

Atoms of Jesus

She’d stumble on flat ground like she was expecting one more stair. She never got used to walking on human feet.

Accepted 10/7/15; November Story of the Month at  Triptych Tales, and nominated for a 2017 Pushcart Prize by the editors.


“Just do it,” I told him, “and do it quick.” And he picked up the milk jug full of gasoline and dumped it over my head.

Appeared in  Quantum Fairy Tale‘s Halloween issue #13.
The Molotov Cocktail Prize Anthology

This collection contains 40 flash fiction stories selected by Josh Goller and Mary Lenoir Bond, ranging from amusing to horror and surreal to disturbing. One of them is mine, and it’s a little of all four.Now available on Amazon.
The Kitchen God
You can do just about anything with a wok that size.

One of five winners of the 7th Annual Dialog Only Contest; forthcoming in  Bartleby Snopes‘s January 2016 issue.


The word chrysalis alone is an unmistakable indication that here two dreams are joined together, dreams that bespeak both the repose and flight of being, evening’s crystallization and wings that open to the light.

–Gaston Bachelard

Accepted 9/4/15; appeared in  Firewords Quarterly issue #5 (print, 10/10/15).

Deedee Loves Peanut Butter
Deedee Loves Peanut Butter

She turned into dust after Daddy’s car squashed her. Like, when you put a stake in a vampire? Pssshhhh! Like that.Accepted 8/12; appeared in  The Fable‘s special Halloween issue #9 (10/31/15).



I buried you in the backyard. Next to the pond that used to be.

Appeared in  Zetetic Record‘s October 2015 speculative fiction issue.

Monkey Steals the Peaches

Monkey Steals the Peaches

Oh, they prepared. They put some thought into this. But it’s not going down like they planned.

Appeared in The Molotov Cocktail’s ‘s Prize Winner’s Anthology (print, 9/1/15) and July issue (online, 7/15/15).

A Gift is a Gift

A Gift is a Gift

She’s being eaten alive.

Appeared in Saturday Night Reader‘s Summer 2015 issue (print, 7/1/15) and August issue (online, 8/19/15).

By Any Other Name

By Any Other Name

Clara doesn’t live here anymore.

Appeared in  The Fable (online, 7/1/15); first place in the Scribophile Psychology Group’s June Flash competition.