December 2015


NYCMidnight has announced the winners of their 2015 international Flash Fiction Challenge. This four-round competition challenges writers to produce 1000-word stories written around genre, location, and object prompts in less than 48 hours.

I placed 3rd overall out of an original field of 1400 writers.


Those Two Impostors

“I hate hearing you talk like this. I like it when you win. You know why? Because you don’t talk afterwards. You’re just right there, in the moment. You just are. You’re beautiful when you win.”

Accepted 12/17/15 by Dialogual; forthcoming in their May 2016 issue.


The Night the Moon Never Rose

“Don’t look. Because if you look into that light you’ll know what she knows. Human beings can’t live if they know those things.”

Accepted 12/17/15 by E&GJ Creative Arts Foundation; forthcoming in Spark: A Creative Anthology, Volume X (print) and also in Zetetic Record (online 12/18/15).

November 2015

Atoms of Jesus

First time I saw your mama, I knew what she was. She had that thousand-yard stare you see in soldiers and orphans–and us. And the clumsy, she had that, too. She’d stumble on flat ground like she was expecting one more stair. She never got used to walking on human feet.

Accepted 10/7/15; November Story of the Month at  Triptych Tales, and nominated for a 2017 Pushcart Prize by the editors.

October 2015


“Just do it,” I told him, “and do it quick.” And he picked up the milk jug full of gasoline and dumped it over my head.

Appeared in  Quantum Fairy Tale‘s Halloween issue #13.
The Molotov Cocktail Prize Anthology

This collection contains 40 flash fiction stories selected by Josh Goller and Mary Lenoir Bond, ranging from amusing to horror and surreal to disturbing. One of them is mine, and it’s a little of all four.

Now available on Amazon.

The Kitchen God
You can do just about anything with a wok that size.

One of five winners of the 7th Annual Dialog Only Contest; forthcoming in  Bartleby Snopes‘s January 2016 issue.